Wonder-Inspired books for Kids from 4 to 94!
by Brownell Landrum

Have Some Questions About Wonderactive Books?  Great!

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What are Wonderactive Books?
More than books with thought-provoking messages, more than simple coloring books, the verses and messages in Wonderactive offer inspiration and the images encourage interactive creative expression.  

Can you provide an example?

¬ Check out this page. 

First, notice the message:

It doesn’t much matter
If we get to the top
What matters much more
Is what we do when we stop

Powerful, right?

Then look at the image.  Not only does it offer a lot of opportunity to be creative with colors, you could also “interact” with the steps, writing some obstacles you face, perhaps, or things you learn, or maybe some of the things you can do when you “stop.”

Have some creative ideas? Please share with us! We’d love to see and share your images! You can either share on our Facebook Page, Tweet to us at @Wonderactive1 or Contact Us! 

How are Wonderactive Books different from a “coloring book?”
As the answer above indicates, the pages in Wonderactive Books give you room to interact with the image beyond coloring.  You can doodle, draw or “journal” with the images, too!  (Of course, you can just “color” as well!) 

What other books out there would you compare yourself to? 
Good question!  We honestly don’t know of another “coloring” book that is “interactive” in the way Wonderactive books are. And we don’t know of any other “book” with a story/theme/message that also offers places to color or draw. 

As far as themes go, the closest we know of that compares to Sometimes I Wonder is the Dr. Seuss book, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Is this book good for gift-giving?
Yes!  Wonderactive Books are for “kids from 4 to 94.” And the themes and messages in the books are universally inspiring to people of virtually all cultures, faiths and beliefs.  Wonderactive Books are great to give as gifts for events like holidays or birthdays and graduation presents. They are also great to give someone who might need an inspirational “boost.” 

What are some of the messages and insights provided in the book?

Love, kindness, lessons and life purpose, to name a few. Here’s an example:

As wise men once said
What matters in the end
Does the love you receive
Match the love you spend?

Do you have hardcover books?

Yes! We have two versions. One for libraries (that don’t include the coloring pages) and one for bookstores that do include the “wonderactive” images.

How does your fundraising program work? 
Charities and nonprofits can use one or more of our Wonderactive Books for their fundraising campaign. There are a number of options, including launching your own crowdfunding campaign – and we can help!  

Give yourself freely
With no fear and no doubt
And then you’ll be proud
Of how you turned out

What charities will you support?
We want your help and suggestions!  If you represent an accredited charity, please contact us so we can work together to help you raise funds!

I’ve heard coloring books are therapeutic, even for adults. Would you say your books fall into this category?

Absolutely!  Coloring books have been shown to be fun as well as therapeutic for people of all ages.  “Art therapy” is being used to reduce stress, increase creativity, and enhance self-expression with applications including psychotherapy, PTSD, anger management, autism and more.  We’re really excited to see all the ways Wonderactive Books will be used to help people!

You’re looking for sponsors. Can you explain more? 
Yes – we’re looking for sponsors.  People, groups or companies who believe in what we’re doing and want to join our cause.  Sponsorships range from callouts on our website to pages in the books and more.  Want to put together an even bigger Wonderactive Books “campaign?”  Check out our Sponsor page – or contact us to discuss!

You mention books – plural. Will you have other Wonderactive Books?
Yes!  We have two to begin with, and other Wonderactive Books are in development. Stay tuned.