Wonder-Inspired books for Kids from 4 to 94!
by Brownell Landrum

The mission of Wonderactive Books is to provide unique, inspiring and fun books and products with wonder-inspired messages and images.  

More than books with thought-provoking messages, more than simple coloring books, Wonderactive Books offer stories that prompt inspiration and images that encourage interactive creative expression. 

We Need Your Help to Create a Wonderactive World 

We also are dedicated to using Wonderactive Books to help raise money for a variety of charities and causes, including Art Therapy, Hospice, Churches, PTSD, Autism, Cancer and other diseases, and more!

Let us know if you have a charity you want to support! 


Wonderactive Books is the brainchild of Brownell Landrum. Brownell is an author, speaker, inventor and innovator.

Wonderactive Books are part storybook, part coloring book, part doodling book and part – more.

More thought, more creativity, more inspiration, more fun, more everything!

Wonderactive Books were inspired to inspire.  To prompt thought, to stimulate creativity, to have fun, to provoke discussion.  

The themes in Wonderactive Books are varied, yet universal.  They both stimulate and answer questions.