Wonder-inspired Interactive Books for Kids from 4 to 94!

Welcome to Wonderactive Books!

Wonderactive Books are interactive books that stimulate wonder for kids of all ages, from 4 to 94.

Part storybook, part coloring book and part… more.

More than books with thought-provoking stories, more than simple coloring books, the verses  and messages in Wonderactive Books offer inspiration and the images encourage interactive creative expression.  


Wonderactive Books are inspired and thought-provoking. They are written and designed to spur creativity and imagination, to stimulate insight and introspection. 

The following provides an example of one of our intriguing passages!

Wonderactive Books is dedicated to charitable giving! 

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Wonderactive Books are also great for generous givers, too!  They make great gifts for a multitude of occasions.

Did you know that coloring and doodling isn’t just for kids anymore? Adults are joining in the craze, too! As the Discovery Network suggests, “Coloring Books Help Adults Relax, too!”

Did you know that renowned psychologist Carl Jung was known to recommend coloring to his patients? 

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